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Do you want better management of your batteries?

Discover theBop"Bottle Of Power" by Mediantech.

A Mediantech exclusive

Bottle of Power


An innovation


Removable Life PO4 battery

LifePo4 technology (Lithium-Iron) allowing numerous recharging cycles (+ 2500)

Life PO4 (Lithium-Iron) technology allowing numerous recharging cycles (+ 2500)

  • High autonomy

  • Medical CE power supply

  • Fits all types of carts

  • Very economical

  • Lightweight 3.5 kg

  • Programmable output voltage. Network management system.

Compatible with all treatment trolleys on the market

  • Universal battery, capable of powering all types of computers, high capacity Life PO4 technology, up to 8 hours of autonomy

  • Battery guaranteed for 3 years unlimited cycles, extension possible to 5 years

  • Fast recharging: 0 to 100% in 1h45 / 2h, from 50 to 100% in 45 min / 1h and from 75 to 100% in 20-30 minutes

  • Connectors anti-tearing power cable supplied

  • Battery locked via a key system

  • Ability to change the battery when needed, without session interruption

  • Rechargeable battery directly externally on mains (SPARE / backup battery)


Light, compact and practical.

The BOP is a battery using Life PO4 technology. Offering an autonomy of 8 to 10 hours. Completely secure, it unclips with the turn of a key.

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