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Mediantech computerizes
your carts

An economical and safe solution for your existing fleet.

Discover our tailor-made IT equipment solutions adapted to your needs thanks to its computerization kit.


You dreamed of it,
Mediantech did it

It is sometimes difficult to find THE medical cart that perfectly meets the needs of the structure or service in which it will be used.

Because often, it is not possible to make compromises by turning to standardized models which will inevitably fail on one point of requirement or another. With its long experience, our team is at your disposal to help you in the optimal composition of the trolley adapted to your needs. And because your needs also change over the months and years, our equipment solutions are also modular and very quickly upgradable. We also provide you with our widely recognized know-how in adapting IT products to your favorite equipment.

to every problem

Are your laptop carts not enough?

Your medical carts are no longer adapted to your needs...

Your carts are not battery-powered?

You are used to and satisfied with your medical carts, however they are dependent on an electrical outlet...

Do you want to computerize the carts in your department?

You already have carts in good condition, it bothers you to buy computerized carts but you need treatment carts equipped with PCs...


a solution

Is your hardware obsolete?

Mediantech offers you to "Upgrade" your carts with its Computerization Kit (Fanless PC + medical screen + battery), adaptable to all types of carts on the market, it will prolong the life of your carts.

Your carts are not battery-powered?

Mediantech has developed for you a universal battery that fits on all computerized carts to make them perfectly self-sufficient in energy.

Do you want to computerize the carts in your department?

Mediantech has designed its Computerization Kit so that it adapts to the majority of carts on the market. Compatible with all the mini-PCs you use (Hp, Lenovo, Dell,...). Discover our economical solution.

mediantech innovation

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Hidden cables and secure battery

Multiple possible configurations: thin client, mini-PC Tiny Lenovo, Dell / Hp ...

22", 23" or 24" LED screen


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