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Reducing our footprintwhile continuing to grow

Mediantech, since its creation in 2011, has always made the resistance and reliability of its products a priority. This guarantees you long-term use of our equipment. Today, this commitment to quality allows the company to reduce its ecological footprint while continuing to grow. Innovative practices (such as the use of 3D printers to manufacture parts as needed) allow us to be efficient in our field while remaining in line with current environmental issues and your expectations.

Everything we do has an impact on the environment. We are part of the problem, but also part of the solution.

Ourcommitment to the environment

  • Responsible packaging: Mediantech is committed to taking action to reduce the ecological footprint of its packaging by reducing the number of materials used during this stage, by reusing cardboard boxes in order to reduce waste. Our goal is to foster sustainable practices.

  • Recycling: The waste is sorted and the products are dismantled before being dumped in order to participate in optimal recycling.

  • The products and the workshop comply with allenvironmental regulationsin terms of design and manufacturing (eliminating lead, cadmium and other toxic substances from the production chain).

Partnerslocal and committed


All of the printing company's activities are carried out with pure respect for the environment (PEFC/FCS paper, IMPRIM'VERT waste recovery, IMPRIFRANCE CSR approach, use of vegetable-based inks, automatic setting, etc.).

Located at: TOULOUSE (31)

3D tolerie.PNG

In the 3D industrial sheet metal workshop, an organised, sustainable and waste-controlled approach has been implemented by using the CLICKECO system.

Located at: PECHBONNIEU (31)

Let's act togetherabout our impact on the planet

Reduce future purchases

Our carts are built to last. The modularity of our products allows them to remain efficient over time. When your computer hardware needs to be changed, for example, or when its use needs to change: adding accessories, adding a removable battery for autonomous mobile use in electricity, integrating the mini PC of your choice.


According to Ademe (2019), from 50 to more than 90% of the environmental impact of a product comes from its manufacture. This is a good reason to keep and upgrade your equipment for as long as possible!

Examples of "product recycling" by Mediantech below:

Recyclage chariot PC portable
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