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Standard IP68 Keypad
Decontaminable device.Resists most detergents on the market.

To complete your equipment, trolleys, wall mounts and more, Mediantech has selected cleanable, high IP protection peripherals for you. CE Medical.

This IP68 keypad is  offered in a wired or wireless version.

Fully decontaminable.

Rigid and ultra resistant.

A "clean" locking key to make your work easier.

QWERTY model

High IP protection

Soft touch

Clavier IP68 Standard_edited.jpg

Washable, without gaps.

Resistant to all common detergents and disinfectants.

Clavier IP68 Standard_edited.jpg
Clavier IP68 Standard_edited.jpg

IP68. Complete protection against dust and


Ergonomic and slim frames. Rigid, flexible tactile effect.


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