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Multi-diagnostic camera
This digital medical camera is multifunctional. Combine multiple biomedical tools into one device. Simple to use, easy to handle, ultra efficient. CE Medical.

The Horus Digital Scope System is the latest adaptation of video peripheral medical devices. Designed specifically for telemedicine. It is an easy-to-use portable video system for capturing body images. This system uses interchangeable accessories, making it ideal for multidisciplinary medical applications.

You will be able to transform your camera into a dermatoscope, otoscope, diabetes screening camera, dental camera... by simply changing the lens with the same device.


Enter the world of telemedicine thanks to its real-time video stream.

Caméra médicale.png


The non-mydriatic ophthalmic accessory for the Horus Digital Scope System is used to capture images of the fundus, including the optic nerve. The scope provides a 45° field of view of the fundus giving the user a wide field of view with which to examine.


Dermatoscope - dermal lens


Used to view close-up, highly magnified images of the skin. This lens also has built-in polarization which reduces skin reflection and allows you to see deeper into the epidermal layers.




Used to view images of the tympanic membrane and ear canal. It includes the ability to do pneumotoscopy and includes an insufflator bulb.

general scope.png

General Scope - general viewing lens


The General Viewing Accessory is used to meet a variety of needs that require wider angle views of the body. Common uses for this lens include wide-angle views of burns, viewing the teeth and mouth, and any other area of the body that requires basic examination.

analyse  segment antérieur.png

Objective of analysis of the anterior segment of the eye


The anterior lens accessory is used to view the cornea, anterior segment and scleral areas of the eye. The lens incorporates a standard LED and cobalt blue light to visualize corneal defects. This lens gives the user a very magnified high resolution of the anterior segment.

  • Ergonomic

  • High definition image quality

  • Less waste of time for your consultation

  • More safety for your patient

  • Its extremely simple handling will make it your daily ally

  • Its screen facilitates exchanges with your patient or his entourage during the consultation

  • Integrate your images more easily into your patients medical records

  • Simple connection to view images on a large PC or TV screen


Light source :
Screen :
Picture format:
Memory :
Battery :
Power supply :
Weight (battery included):
Focus range:

Full HD 5M pixels
natural white LED
3.5" color LCD
JPEG (stills), H.264 (videos)
Mini USB and AV output
Micro-SD card (2GB to 32GB)
rechargeable Li-ion battery

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
3 hours

238g (285g)
5mm to 30mm


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