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Telemedicine according to your needs.

Since its creation Mediantech designs and develops telemedicine solutions tailored to your specific needs. Today, Mediantech is more than 1100 equipped telemedicine carts deployed in France. Rich in our experience, we can help you finalize the telemedicine project that suits you.


How about we talk about it together?  

Telemedicine cart


Light & handy trolley, single or double screen. Select its biomedical equipment according to your needs. From 6 to 8 hours of autonomy. 

Medical Camera

Multi-diagnostic camera

Transform your camera into a dermatoscope, otoscope, diabetes screening camera, dental simply changing the lens with the same device.

Digital ECG

ECG tablet

Simultaneous recording of 12 leads. Precision and reliability, for a minimum weight: 500 gr. The ECG at your fingertips.


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