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Privacy Kit
Extends your autonomy, secures your data

Always attentive to the needs and imperatives of its partners in the hospital world, Mediantech has been looking for innovations since its creation that can help you improve and optimize the daily lives of caregivers. It is in this dynamic that our technical experts have designed and developed this kit for you. Mediantech patented technology, mastered and maintained for years now.

A real asset in managing the energy of your carts batteries, it significantly extends their autonomy, while securing your data displayed on the screen.

And that with a single wave of the arm!

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Extends battery life.

SecuriteDPFichier 1_3x.png

Protects your patient files prying eyes,

closed drawer =>

black screen.

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Guaranteed after-sales service

imagined and developed by Mediantech, we ensure an optimal repair of the Kit.

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